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Mommy Issues - August - 05-17-2023

Rosen gaze shifted toward each who drifted near the alcoholic lure of the fountain, something that could easily serve as distraction for those who sought to addle the mind. Temporary escape from what the fates foretold. He knew it to be foolish. Tonight of all nights the goat shouldn’t allow himself to drink into a stupor… no matter how the urge struck. But a few glasses couldn’t hurt, it was just wine after all. Far stronger substances had passed over the cursed man’s tongue before and hadn’t twisted against resistance. Now would be no different. If he were lucky it would at least be enough to bring about a buzz.

Though soon enough jewelry clinked as an ear turned, lazily swiveling to capture the sound of approach before eyes would chase after the steady click of heels. Lidded gaze trailing up the limb before recognition could settle upon that visage. While the witch was hardly a face he expected to see here, her presence would hardly be denied. Evanora was a welcomed sight as briefly attentions would rove over her selection of attire. A touch more concealing than other outfits though still it hugged her frame and left little to the imagination. Not that such a thing needed to be concocted upon the mind alone.

Light smile pulled over his lips, half-hearted as emptied glass tipped her way in silent greeting. Another quick to replace it before abandoning his claim along the precipice of indulgence, gliding to her side and away from the ears which no doubt lingered about alluring beverages. Initial phrase hushed as if they were a secret to keep, “I see you didn’t bother dressing up for the occasion.” Held no striking glimmer of an over abundance of jewels and yet the expanse of flesh she did display was hardly a view the goat could find complaint over beholding.

delicious wine, no symptoms in this thread

RE: Mommy Issues - Evanora - 05-18-2023

The gloss of raven feathers accented the waltz of her hips as she made her way through the growing crowd. She had caught a faint glimpse of August through the mire of guests swarming in and around the bar, and slowly her feet were leading her towards where she had last spotted him.

A slight smile tugged at his countenance, though it didn't entirely meet his eyes as he gestured the now empty glass towards her, one mirrored before she swallowed the rest of the contents. Likewise, his steps would aid in them crossing paths alas. “I see you didn’t bother dressing up for the occasion.” His observation came with the slow turn of her airy laughter, not oblivious to where his eyes lingered as her arm brushed over the confines of her bust, an obscene gesture, she was sure by noble standards. Though to say she cared would be a lie, after all - even she bottom tier common folk had been invited to this extravagant affair.

"Why would I? I didn't have anyone to match with." She purred on a sing song hum, a slight playful pout accenting her countenance. "However, I could always summon them, if you're interested?" Her head would tilt, long inky tendril of hair snaking over her shoulder lazily as it escaped from behind her ear. "Or... I suppose I could always.... cause a scene if that's more your cup of tea." Brows furrowed, her face turning serious for once. "If you want to escape, that is." Since in all their days and ... fond memories she could never once pinpoint him as one to seek matrimony.

RE: Mommy Issues - August - 05-18-2023

Quiet huff of laughter fled his lungs, no, he supposed she didn’t. An event he’d hardly thought to mention to any once it’d been found out. The days too short as they ticked by toward something undesirable though with the mannerisms the witch held… perhaps she should have been a prime candidate for foiling this whole thing. “Another time perhaps?” There would always be other chances to match, to done the outfits she was so proud of crafting, “Tempting as your offer sounds I think my mother would have a heart attack seeing me in that.”

While she knew of escapades, of what a father labeled as nothing more than meaningless flings - all they’d beheld still occurred in a rather formal setting. Attire they could not find a sense of shame in. Each detail enough to lessen the scolding from at least one of their tongues all while another was certain to issue reminders of all one proclaimed as ‘duty’. But none of that mattered now he supposed, in the end, Valerius had gotten his way by forging this arrangement. Of likely lying through his teeth to bend favor as he had time and time again.

However, it was upon an offerance that August’s own crown would tilt. The eager turn of those furry ears giving away his interest in the idea. “That depends dear Eva. Would I actually get a chance to escape engagement or just get in more trouble?” While he may not know what manner of scene the witch was willing to concoct, there were a few possibilities that danced in his thoughts. Many of them not ending exactly as one may plan though he knew better than to pry for details. She was keen on keeping her supposed secrets when it came to acts of mischief.

RE: Mommy Issues - Evanora - 05-18-2023

“Another time perhaps?” She would raise a brow, her gaze cast about in suspicion. However, she would raise a shoulder in easy dismissal of the offer. “Tempting as your offer sounds I think my mother would have a heart attack seeming me in that.” However, now she was slaked with inquisitiveness as it was normally the complaint found from the man's father. Though she supposed she had never been properly introduced to either, she had at least passed the man called father. She hadn't taken him as one to be a follower of palm readings and tea leaves, but he had still held stock in her opinion (fabricated as it may have been). "Hmmm, would she favor her fortune told as well?" She released on a teasing hint, allowing yet another drink to flow past the barrier of her lips.

She would allow her attentive stare to wander from his face then, to canvas the room in search for those known to her. While many had been passed on the street and even then some had come to her various stands she had set up over the years. The free gloved hand which didn't hold her glass would rub her fingers together deftly, a soft motion that accompanied the tilt of her head. She pinpointed him then, the man who had undoubtedly seen this festivity to fruition. He seemed to notice them as well as dark brows lowered over his cutting gaze, she would merely smile. Certainly he wasn't already suspicious of her? My how that would simply wound her!

The sentiment was echoed through the lips of his son, however, only heightening her amusement as she drug the slow swirl of amethyst eyes back to those much softer rosen ones. “That depends dear Eva. Would I actually get a chance to escape engagement or just get in more trouble?” Fingertips pressed lightly to the emphasis of her chest in feigned hurt. A soft gasp parted her lips, though the coquettish grin would only broaden. "Why, August! You hurt me." However, she shrugged. "I can do whatever you want to get you out of here. It's.... difficult for the local guard to arrest me, after all."

RE: Mommy Issues - August - 05-22-2023

“You know what, I think she might.” Though woven phrase may not hold much weight when it came to attempting to fool a fox, but it couldn’t hurt to try. Briefly rosen gaze scanned the crown in hopes of beholding the wandering visage of the kitsune, if nothing else he could point her out for future endeavors. Only to find distraction in just where Evanora’s own stare had been drawn - toward Valerius’ sharpened glare. Something which held upon the scantly clad witch before meeting his own eyes, attentions which swiftly brought August’s to pull away. Look anywhere but at the disappointed, the suspicion carried in but a glance. Though he was soon meet by something far more soothing as glimmering amethyst peered back and worked to press away what had just been glimpsed.

Soft laughter slipped from the goat’s lips and he could not help but to play along in her falsities, “Apologies my lady, an esteemed sorceress such as yourself would never cause trouble.” Nor would she ever drag anyone else into it for that matter, “I must have been thinking of someone else.” Gently a hand worked to capture her own if only to guide those steps ever closer - no matter how a father may still glare - before a crown dipped toward her ear. Fingers releasing her own so that they may brush lightly to her neck, drifting toward the smooth curve of her chin. Honeyed tone whispering low and sweet, “How will I ever make it up to you?” Phrases nothing more than a tease as he took her own into consideration.

Whatever he wanted she’d claimed. But what exactly did he want?
Other than an escape, an out.

“It would have to be believable. Something dramatic to draw the eye,” not that he doubted her skills when it came to such matters, “I’d rather not worry over the intrusion of guards though.” For he was uncertain on just how much sway she held over the local forces but he hardly wished to push her fortune here. Even feigned assault or forged demise would end with gauntleted hands upon her… not that August could imagine the witch minding that rougher treatment. However, in these moments, it was something he’d rather not risk for her sake.

“Touch is fine,” it always had been, something that need not be said for it had been approved long before this particular engagement. “But if you want to go harsher than that, the most you’ll get away with is slapping me,” a small but genuine smile touching his lips then as lyrics fell in jest, “Not everyone gets that chance for free… so consider it.” Partially gloved digits drifted toward the smooth curve of her chin then, tilting what already looked to him, “Any of your own limitations you’d care to mention?”

RE: Mommy Issues - Evanora - 05-28-2023

“You know what, I think she might.” Her gaze would follow that of her unintentional host, her glass remaining curled tightly within her hand, swirling gently just beneath her chin. "I doubt she'd fall for such shenanigans over an event of this magnitude." The words held disappointment, yes, but not surprise. More like a sort of acceptance. While she held doubts of this affair settling his father's brash array of..... what was acceptable, she certainly knew the goat didn't want such a thing either. While she certainly did have several tricks up her sleeve, she was beyond sure that smoke and mirror parlor magic would be enough to halt the procession.

Her attention was anchored upon that rosen apparition as the man dared wander closer. Impish smile curled her lips as he merely entertained her own distractions. “Apologies my lady, an esteemed sorceress such as yourself would never cause trouble.” Her brows would draw, mischief clarion within those swirling gems, glimmering with unspoken plotting. The dark paint upon her mouth was striking against the soft pallor of her paler skin. Another oddity among the powdered and rouge masks that floated in and out of sight. “I must have been thinking of someone else.” Again, her smile would divulge into a heavy pout, though the coquettish-ness failed to flee her eyes. "Well, now. I just can't have that, August. I insist that you not think of any others in my presence." From her peripherals, she would witness that way that proper patriarch wrenched away from the bannister he had casually lounged against prior as she drew herself even closer. Her free hand would settle upon the side of his waist, a teasing breath just above his hip as she listened intently to his quiet whispers. “How will I ever make it up to you?”

"I have a few ways." She whispered back, tongue lacing her lips lightly. "Like that book I told you I wanted from your father's personal collection." She would tease, though she would somber slightly with the knowing that the man no longer seemed to be watching them. “It would have to be believable. Something dramatic to draw the eye. I’d rather not worry over the intrusion of guards though.” She would take a pull from her glass once more, allowing the liquid to sit in her mouth for a long moment before swallowing to speak once again. "Hm, well there goes faking your death."

“Touch is fine. But if you want to go harsher than that, the most you’ll get away with is slapping me,” she couldn't help the breathy giggle that left her, a dark sound that drew the side glance of a nearby patron before they would be once more (albeit now pointedly) looked away from. “Not everyone gets that chance for free… so consider it.” His touch bid her head to tilt, and she would seamlessly obey, revealing the entirety of her porcelain façade to the overflowing of light the broad hat rim had attempted to conceal. “Any of your own limitations you’d care to mention?” She would give him a slight wink at that askance, "Only that you don't hold a grudge for what I'm about to do. If you do... well..." She would lean closer now, and if he didn't pull away, she would wrap her arms loosely about his neck. The motion lead her to press against him wholly, drifting up onto her tip toes while still just barely being able to briefly clasp her fingers. "Because I'm going to get you in trouble~"

RE: Mommy Issues - August - 05-29-2023

Disappointment was palpable in the witch’s tone and yet she spoke true. His mother would not be so easily swayed over this nor would the man who’s pointed glare rested solely upon them now. A creature who Augustus was certain held more of a foothold in these arrangements than any other. Yet nothing had been discussed, the goat held little hints to what exactly the man had to gain from all this. Very little was known over the family who greeted guests at the door and he knew even less over the very daughter they proclaimed he’d wed.

Nothing other than her own desire for escape that is.

That she had attempted to flee, an act which may have bought them time to avoid this fate… if only he had kept his mouth shut and just lied. Given a name not his own and provided escort to wherever she wished to go. It was too late for all of that now. Too late for anything but regrets over how a night could have gone. However, Eva’s very presence provided ample distraction from such thoughts in the dulcet tease of her tone, the ways she allowed a closeness and eagerly provided it in turn. So much so that he nearly missed the way Valerius drifted away. Likely to fetch a soul willing to guide the witch away and keep whatever he witnessed now from occurring.

Yet August couldn’t find it in him to care.

Faint touch bidding all focus back toward another as pressure lay against his waist and no matter how it coaxed his own want for that touch to stray it remained fixed, just as his own did. One cradling a glass while the other grazed over the tender flesh of her throat. Soft laughter rising upon her request, “Consider it done.” Though whether it would be that specific book or just one like it remained to be seen. None the less it could be obtained for her especially if this little scheme worked out in their favor. And a smile would only grow at her consideration.

“While my death would turn heads,” and get him out of marriage for that matter, “It would only cause more trouble for you dear Eva. I'd become your problem, ghost hauntings are a terrible curse you know and I've heard they're rather hard to get rid of.” Surely something she could use in some of her gimmicks though it was not a part he’d play willingly forever. Yet such notions were swiftly banished as she shifted closer. 

Pressed flush against him where every curve of that frame was felt, the curl of her arms about his neck silently luring him in. A willing stoop to keep that visage close as his own fingers dropped to glide along the curve of her back, daring to dip low upon her spine despite knowing so many could see. If only they glanced over. “You say that as if I’d mind,” as if she hadn’t personally gotten him into trouble before, “Make it up to me later? Then even if you stab me I won’t hold it against you.”